Funeral & Memorial Doves

Funeral & Memorial Dove Release Services


  • A single white dove is released by a family member in a heart shaped basket, symbolizing the departed.
  • This is followed by a flock of about 30 white doves, symbolizing past ancestors guiding the departed back home to God.
  • A single white dove is displayed in a beautiful cage for pictures and memories of this day.
  • A "white feather" and poem is given to the family as a keepsake.

Symbolism of the "White Feather"


  Spiritually, a white feather is a gift offering and is seen as a sign from an angel or of a loved one who has passed on. You can find comfort in the knowledge they're watching over you and encouraging you to live your life in love, hope and peace. 


Symbolism and "Sign of the Dove"


The Symbolism of the Dove is to remind us to reconnect with the spiritual aspects of our lives.  The white dove is the symbol of our Holy Spirit guiding us into a better relationship of harmony, peace and unconditional love by  letting go of the stress and tensions of life.

White Dove Release Funeral & Memorial Poems

The Final Flight

 Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free,
I’m following the path God laid for me.
I took his hand when I heard his call,
I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day,
To laugh, to love, to work, to play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way,
I’ve found that peace at the end of the day. If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
Ah, yes, these things too I will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow,
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My Life’s been full, I savored much,
Good friends, good times, a loved one’ touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief,
Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your heart and share with me,
God wanted me now, He set me free. 

Author: Unknown  

Little Dove

On the wings of this white dove
I’ll set your spirit free.
Up into the big deep sky,
to heaven, where you’ll be.
I know God has a plan for us,
he wants us by his side.
But it is hard for us to understand
when we are left behind.
Little dove, help lift our hearts
as we watch you go,
God is there if we just ask,
because He loves us so.

Author: Unknown 

Carry Me Home

My loved ones do not cry
And worry for me
For like the dove
I have been set free.
God has called me
To my mansion on high
Just there among the clouds
In the deep blue sky.
I have no pain
No suffering to do
I have been called home
And I know you will too.
So beat hard and fast
Little wings off white and carry me home
Before the night.

Author:  Lee Gilley 

A Hopi Prayer


 Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint in the snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the autumn's gentle rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there,
I did not die.  

Author: Unknown 

With the Rustle of Wings 

With the rustle of wings I’ll take your memories along As I soar up to the heavens From where they just played that song.

Just part your hands open As you feel my beating heart. My soul is alive as I Now depart.   

With the rustle of wings, I’ll enter the pearly gates. I’ll be with family from long ago and For you I will wait.   

Always keep this feather close As a reminder of my souls release And in every whisper of the wind you’ll hear the rustle of my wings.    

Author: Julie Johnson,  

  It will be a memory you will never forget.

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Beautiful memories as our "Doves" soar in the sky!


Beautiful memories as our "Doves" are released for this performance in memory of one who passed away!

 "Rise" Rio 2016 Summer Olympics by Katy Perry - Cover by One Voice Children's Choir 

White Dove Release

What We Do

 “White Dove Release Utah” provides dove release services for funerals and memorials services.  

We’re based in Utah County, and our beautiful doves have come to know the Rocky Mountains as their home, and are often seen soaring high above the neighboring mountain peaks.  

Our goal has been and continues to be, making your special occasion a memorable one as our beautiful white doves lift up into the sky; symbolizing peace, hope, love, unity, elegance, freedom and grace for all to see.  These memories will truly last forever!  

We provide trained professionals to take care of the dove release, leaving you free to enjoy the experience. 

With years of dove releasing experience serving the local community, we’ve built an unmatched record providing a spectacular gift to honor your loved ones. 


The White Dove Release Funeral and Memorial Services in Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley areas

  • The Spirit Dove Release: A  single white dove is release, symbolizing the departed.
  • The Final Journey Home: A singe white dove is released, followed by a flock of 30 white doves, symbolizing past ancestors guiding the departed back home to God.
  • The Dove Companion: A single white dove is displayed in a beautiful display for pictures and memories of this day celebrating the life of the departed.
  • Where Do the Doves God When Released?  Just as our spirit knows how to return home to God who gives life, these white doves know how to return home to their dove keeper for  love and care.

White Dove Release Information:

If you have any questions about pricing or scheduling please text or email us:

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We will answer your concerns and hopefully schedule your personalized "White Dove Release."

Let Your Spirit Soar On Wings of Love!

White Dove Release Policy

White Dove Release Weather Must Be Good


  • We will return deposits for acts of God prior to our arriving at the location.
  • We will NOT release birds INDOORS. 
  • We will NOT release birds AT NIGHT. 
  • We will NOT release birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER. We might be able to release birds in light rain showers, at our discretion, but we will not release birds in lighting storms, downpours, fog or snow storms.
  • Types of birds used to release are called "Rock Doves:" see Wikipedia link. We will release only well trained, well cared for white racing pigeon stock, also known as homing pigeons, which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft, and which are banded with seamless, permanent identification bands.     

We are professionals


  • We will ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events, and that the release coordinator is 100% reliable and on time.  
  •  We will ensure that EVERY event has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present.
  • We will NOT drop off, allow pick up or ship birds by mail for self-release. 
  • We will NOT release birds beyond the range which they are able to safely fly home from. 

White Dove Release Birds


  • Our birds are descendants of the "Rock Dove," which is the "Adam & Eve" (symbolically speaking) of all the pigeon breeds known today.  We call them "Racing Homers," or "Homing Pigeons," but they are technically "Rock Doves."  
  • They are trained and "freely" return home to their loft from hundreds of miles away.  
  • They are watered and fed every day, which includes clean water (sometimes medicated) and given vitamins and minerals and fed a high quality pigeon feed and grit.  
  • The health of our birds is very important to the health of the loft and in keeping the birds healthy; they are treated yearly for several kinds of common diseases that can affect the birds.  We take great care in handling the birds and not overcrowding them, which creates stress and sickness.  Their loft is there safe place of residence. 

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